@CassperNyovest accuse’s @akaworldwide of a Gun incident

News is….

In a series of tweets Cassper Nyovest
stated that he won’t be perfoming on
SABC’s 1 Live after rapper AKA’s hommie
pushed him and later pulled a gun on him
in at the Live Studios.

I Quote:
“I will not be performing on live tonight.. I get to
the make up room and Aka’s homie pushes me.
I asked him to chill & pushed him back, that’s
when he pulled out a gun on me, pointed it to
my face. I walked out and then and there I
decided I will not do this stupid shit no more.
This is not the first time I have a gun to my
face. I lived that gun life foreal and I chose rap
over it. Y’all wanna live that life? See where it
takes y’all… Go on…”

Well we wernt there so we won’t say what went down until AKA reacts to the statement wich is unlikely at this stage.

@Tumelo_Music-#MyTime (feat. KaySolid, SupremeWordplay & Artizo)

Here’s a first long anticipated single from Tumelo’s upcoming debut mixtape #CheeseEggs&Potatoes titled #MyTime.


Tumelo – My Time (feat. KaySolid, SupremeWordplay & Artizo) —> http://www.datafilehost.com/d/37a4974d

Do share with family and friends.


Interview with West Rand Duo @Authentic2a2



Npk twice:
We know Deja,Killah,Bad Boy and Leestar from Hardcore Rappers Entertainment but then what’s your Involvement there?

-HardCoreRappers(HCR) is a Group then hardcoreRappers Entertainment is an Entertainment company. And Authentic2 is a Due under it.

Npk twice:
So your part of a due,Tell us about that.

-Yeah.Authentic2 is made up 2 rapperz namely..Royale Tei (me) and Valemery .. We started a long time ago and we separated then we got back together again .this time we came back to be under HCR entertainment.and we starting to grow as a real team right now

Npk twice:
What’s your Analysis of the Game here locally and Internationally?

-Firstly HipHop in South Africa has grown a lot..I still think if AKA never Droped his VictoryLap Joint the game would still be at low straption.and Authentic2 actually listens to Nigerian and Ghanian HiP HOp than SA HiP Hop..SA is actually rising in everything

Npk twice:
Who do you lookup to when it comes to your Career?

- look up to people like Dot Com,HCR,reason and proverb..coz I take a lot of my raps schemes from them

Npk twice:
What should we expect from you in the near future.

-Authentic2 is planning to Make Collaborations with artists like Chazz Le Hippie,DotCom,SlumKi­dd,and nigerian artist WizKid..but we want to do all those projects in the next year . But for this year people should expect Single Releases and A music Video surely

@Tumelo_Music x@Iam_Artizo @npktwice

RoseBank Chillin

RoseBank Chillin

Here’s a first single from Tumelo as part of his promo work after his debut (EP) which dropped back in May, it features his fellow label mate Artizo and close friend NPK Twice, the song is also produced by NPK Twice.


Tumelo – Rosebank Chillin’ (feat. Artizo & NPK Twice) —> http://www.datafilehost.com/d/2b187d71

Share with your friends and family.

Thank you.


@Jason_herweg_dj & @YoungLyubo



For sometime now myself and JayFunk have been working hard in the studio and tonight our first remix is getting released.

You can download the free sample at this link here: http://www.datafilehost.com/d/a3313a86

The full song will be available on Young Lyubo’s mixtape ‘RedLightDstrict’

We hope you enjoy the remix :)

Twitter – @YoungLyubo
BBM: 2B79AC57

Twitter: @Jason_herweg_dj
Instagram: @jayfunksa
Bbm: 7E4241C5
Bookings: Jayfunkbookingsza@gmail.com

@CassperNyovest takes very crafty shots @Akaivleague on #Phumakim

Cassper Nyovest just droped #Phumakim and as the title goes he’s sending out warning shots. We all grown ups here and can add 1 plus 1 and Render that he firmly is taking shots at AKA and his crafty about it with subliminals and Citations.

For instance check out these lines
“I told a Story and made a fortune
AKA’s favourate Rapper guis I made it on the forbes list”
We all know AKA’s full name is Kiernan Jordan Forbes right? Ok…

“Put out two singles that made niggers push ulbams back”
Aka’s ulbam Level’s was posponed.

Honestly this beef is good for South African hip-hop but I doubt AKA will reply because he has nothing to gain but a lot to loose if the beef goes the other way.

AKA is arguably the best rapper in South Africa right now but Cassper Nyovest is of late competition,we will have to wait and see how this beef unfolds.

Meantime what do you think? Should AKA reply?
Comment below and download #phumaking below

Cassper Nyovest-#Phumakim

@KwestaDaKAR – High On Life Ft Tia Black (Mobile)



Kwesta is busy pushing these days,ever since
he left Buttabing Ent he has been hustling
quite hard and the hustle is paying off,I must
Now a few days ago we shared a song by him
titled “Where It At” Ft Trouble and it was
Standaful right??
Well this one is even Standaful-ler lol!!! No
hook!! Just straight hot bars.
He even talks about his baby mama,leaving
Buttabing and how things are since he left.
Its pretty deep actually,but is GOOD music for
the ears,we salute hommie.



Kells-#GoodTime ft Physical Da Animal

Artist:Kells ft Physical Da Animal
Song Title:#GoodTime
Your reply Will Be Highly Appreciated
@BraknoksPro (Music Director)
Video Description
This song is based on having a good time in a party or club, the concept is having a good behavior in such  environments. Kells and Physical Da Animal and GeneBeatz have combined the international hiphop flavour with the kasi style vibes.

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@akaworldwide x @MrCashtime- Run jozi Review



AKA’s just released “Run Jozi”, his collaboration
with K.O from Teargas. It starts off menacing;
one anticipates greatness to happen. And it does,
kind of, fifteen seconds in, and in the form of a
flow so recycled a moratorium needs to be held to
dead it! But AKA holds his own nonetheless. He
references Drake’s “Started from the bottom”;
shouts out Chris Hani; and drops bars such as
“This ain’t the land of the free/ handle my
propaganda machine“, before revealing, twice,
that he’s “still lighting a candle for Dibs,” – an ode
to the great Statesman Nelson Mandela. It’s rap
sportsmanship with a hint of social awareness,
and the added advantage of sprinting from Jozi’s
Nothern Suburs to innercity confines in a matter
of minutes.
In yet another show of hip-hop reaching over and
acknowledging its influences, the bridge is a nod
to kwaito group TKZee’s song “Sikelela”.
K.O’s flows hovers somewhere between the lush
flowers which sprout during a Kalahari Spring and
a galaxy far-away where a different breed of
rapper is born every few light years. He
compresses – no, obliterates! – the space
between kasi (hood) and mainstream with a
literary narrative so vivid even the blind end up
getting the picture.
KO raps: “In the city we’re having no morality, it’s
totally fabulous,” an elegant depiction of the
decadence, the brashness, and the constant
bustle of his playground, Johannesburg. He takes
a dig at “amateurs over the Internet posting
some messages.” He saves the best whips for last.
In what must go down as one of the great South
African rap moments of 2014, KO lets rip great
verbal gymnastics in isiZulu; he goes on a
rampage, literally! Think Mfecane; Isandlwana;
the Bambatha Rebellion! Think references to big
asses and backstabbers; think big, huge,
I’ll just stop here and let you make up your

JR-Bob Mabena Ft Okmalumkoolkat x Spoek Mathambo



Motswako vet JR enlisted two of our
favorites Okmalumkoolkat and Spoek
Mathambo for some quotable bars on
the latest edition of his nod to South
African radio icon Bob Mabena– who
recently celebrated his 25th year in the
industry. Spoek first teased “B.O.B” a
few weeks back on his all-South African
rap mix (which has since been taken
down). The track has now come to
proper light on JR’s Feel Good Music
label, and from the looks of it, this is
one all three rappers were especially
excited about. Okmalumkoolkat took to
instagram earlier today to explain:
“This one is for the new new but carries
a lot of heritage for the youth. I feel
blessed to be in the forefront of youths
that celebrate local heroes like Bra Bob
Mabena. The man is definitely someone
to look up to. From being part of the
whole BopTv shandees to making Metro
FM very kool in the 90s. Taking
television presenting to the next level
with Melanie Son on Studio Mix.
Introducing a lot of South Africans to
Makaveli ( Tupac Shakur ) to being one
of the first Tv x radio personality to
record and put out an Ep ( Get Funky )
and collabo with the hottest football
plaer at the time ( Doctor Khumalo ) . A
real inspiration to me!”

Click below to download
Download Bob Mabena.mp3

Introducing Ricky Rick

Ricky Rick Makhado

Ricky Rick Makhado

Riky’s introduction to the music industry
began in a recording studio session with
Bongani Fassie. It was by Bongani’s side
that Riky was first inspired to make music
of his own.
He has since become a sought after music
producer for artist ranging from MXO to L-
Tido. Fortunately music production is just
one of the many tools in Riky’s skill set. He
writes, composes, produces and creates
soundscapes for his own brand of music,
which includes his featuring as a lyricist
and often singer. His mixtapes can be
found on the internet downloaded by the
Riky’s Quest for knowledge in the
entertainment industry also led him
to AFDA where he studied film production.
Since, he has shot a number of music
videos and documentaries for South African
artists as well as shooting videos for himself
in exotic locations like the canals
of Amsterdam and South African mine
Yes, he’s also good in front of the camera,
often sought after to appear in fashion
shows ranging from clients like NIKE and
Ben Sherman, Riky has a personality and
sense of style that adds to any production.
Recently he plays the role of a music
producer on DSTV’s latest drama, ISIBAYA.
Riky’s character, “Mandellic” is a favorite for
viewers of M-NETS most watched local
Amantombazane / New Single
AMANTOMBAZANE is a proudly South
African song and features longtime friend
and collaborator OKMALUMKOOLKAT. The
catchy chorus is something that
OKMALUMKOOLKAT had been chanting
since 2010 in studio sessions so when they
decided to make this record it was a
natural option for both artists. RIKY RICK
produced the fusion beat himself after
being inspired by early Kwaito groups. The
song is a new age take on a loved but
neglected sound that continues to rock
South Africans everywhere.
AMANTOMBAZANE is a powerful comeback
release by RIKY RICK who had taken
a break from music since 2011 but is back
to introduce new and dynamic ways
to approach African hip hop.

West Rand company Buys in on Cannon



South African document
managing and printing
company Itec has bought
a majority stake in Canon
West Rand, in a bid to
grow its market reach.
Itec Maximize will now merge with Itec Connect, trading with the
former’s name, with the dealer having around 2,000 clients on the
West Rand of Gauteng.
Gavin Meyer, managing director at Itec Connect, said: “This
transaction will certainly increase Itec’s market share in the West
Rand region.
“We are confident that the deal will add enormous value for
existing Itec customers, customers of the former Canon West
Rand, and for the Itec Group as a whole.”
Garth Upton, owner of Itec Maximize, and his team will now work
closely with Meyer.




Khuli Chana is a talented musician who
practices the skill of rhyming in vernacular
rap, Motswako. Motswako encompasses
elements from various musical backgrounds.
It involves street-talk and highly influential
messages in Setswana, English and other
South African languages. Khuli Chana brings
a different flavour and sound, not only to
this type of music but also to the Hip-Hop
scene. Khuli Chana is not new to the music
industry; in the early 90′s he formed a duet
with Kay-G called “Jazzzadaz”, he then joined
forces with Towdee to form the group,
Morafe. His first offering titled The
MotswakOriginator was released in
November 2009. Khuli Chana also opened
the stage for Drake SA tour.
His two singles from MotswakOriginator;
“Tswakstikem” and “Sthandwa Sam”,
featuring Towdee dominated the airwaves.
A remix of the song, “No More Hunger”, was
requested by Action Aid South Africa to be
featured on their Hunger Free Campaign
music compilation which featured artists
from around the continent. Khuli Chana took
home the Best Newcomer Award at the
2009 Channel O Music Video Awards as well
as Best Song of the Year for the track
“Tswakstikem” at the Hype Music Awards.
Khuli Chana won the South African
Traditional Music Award (SATMA) for Best
Vernacular Hip Hop album and was
nominated for the Channel O Music Video
Awards for the Most Gifted Video of the Year
Award for his song “No More Hunger” and
the Most Gifted African Southern Video in
Khuli Chana released the MotswakOriginator
Deluxe in December 2011. It consisted of his
album MotswakoOriginator with two
additional songs featuring HHP and Tuks
and a documentary that unfolds the history
of the Motswako hip hop industry as well
his success in the industry.
Khuli Chana’s 6th music video was for his hit
single “Tswa Daar” where he selected all 60
extras from his Facebook fan page to be
featured in the video. “Tswa Daar” went on
to make Khuli Chana the most voted local
artist at the 2012 Channel O Music Awards.
Khuli Chana was nominated for Most Gifted
Video of the Year, Most Gifted Hip Hop Video,
and Most Gifted Male Video.
Khuli Chana released his second solo studio
album entitled Lost in Time on 16 November
2012. The Lost in Time album, in true Khuli
Chana signature style, consists mostly of
tracks in “Tswenglish” (Tswana mixed with
English), as well as collaborations with some
of the industry’s rap giants such as: Reason,
AKA, and Zeuz on “Hape Pt1″; HashOne and
K.T on the track “WannaBeez”; Nomhlhe on
“Capunta”; and the fastest Motswako rapper,
Bizz, on “Ketane”.




Rap Artist: K-black-Tha-KineticG
Song Title: breath(haemoglobic)
Song Link: http://soundcloud.com/kinetic_music/k-
Desciption: breath(haemoglobic) is simply a track
that is motivational in a sense that whenever life
gets you down all u got to do is breath,which also
contains traces of gospel cause there is no greator
motivation other than God
Facebook page: http://facebook.com/­
Twitter: http://twitter.com/_Kinetic_Music_

Tumie The #NoTrueWordsHaveBeenSpoken(EP)[Audio]



@BHSoundRecords would like to announce that one of it’s artists, Tumie is changing his rap name to Tumelo for some reasons. Hope it appeals to y’all.

You can still get his (EP) which dropped a month ago here for FREE DOWNLOAD:


‎​01. No True Words Have Been Spoken (Intro) [Prod.by Tocias] http://www.datafilehost.com/d/a7b73142

02. Stories Of My Pain (feat. Hip-naughtic Sean) [Prod.by Ghetto_Boy] http://www.datafilehost.com/d/840d1486

03. Scarred (feat. Artizo) [Prod.by Lloyd Veezy] http://www.datafilehost.com/d/f6032e37

04. Before I Wake [Prod.by BrizzyDaSavage] http://www.datafilehost.com/d/2437f38f

05. Keep Walking [Prod.by Tocias] http://www.datafilehost.com/d/b7abbe6b

06. Youth Affair [Prod.by Lloyd Veezy] http://www.datafilehost.com/d/67796e09

We appreciate your support, thanks again!


Chazz Le Hippie-FAST TRAP[Video]

Chazz Le Hippie

Chazz Le Hippie

CHECK OUT THE OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO FOR THE SINGLE #FASTTRAP BY Chazz Le Hippie http://t.co/ngJdszjyBx You can also DOWNLOAD it on:

Chazz Le Hippie-FastTraap(produced by Tekworld) video shot by Leburugraphy.

Chazz Le Hippie is a Female Motswako Rapper from the West Rand and
The Queen of Street Rap 2014
•Twitter handle:@CHAZZLEHIPPIE
•For bookings: Skleburu@gmail.com

@MRDIZASTER vs @LupeFiasco twitter war?

Battle rapper Dizaster took aim at Lupe Fiasco yesterday on Twitter for his recent opinion on Kendrick Lamar.

After Dizaster followed up with a second Tweet, Lupe Fiasco responded directly to the L.A. battler.

Last week, Lupe Fiasco said that while “Kendrick is ill,” he’d place other rappers like King Los, Logic, and Cassidy above the TDE spitter lyrically. 

I fuck with kendrick man….@LupeFiasco this faggot wants to always give his opinion on dudes that are light years beyond him lol

— YOU WIN DIZ (@MRDIZASTER) June 10, 2014
You should not use words like “faggot” it’s derogatory and unacceptable @MRDIZASTER no room for homophobia in hip hop.

— Tetsuo & Youth (@LupeFiasco) June 10, 2014
Even though I don’t agree with your logic regarding “clowning” people who are different than you @MRDIZASTER I’m glad u see your own faults

— Tetsuo & Youth (@LupeFiasco) June 10, 2014
After the initial back-and-forth, the two rappers continued on with Fiasco dissecting some of Dizaster’s comments.

I don’t see how making fun of somebody becuz they are different physically or mentally can come from a constructive standpoint @MRDIZASTER

— Tetsuo & Youth (@LupeFiasco) June 10, 2014
Even atheists have respect for others @MRDIZASTER so again while I’m hopeful you will grow your logic at this point is dangerously flawed.

— Tetsuo & Youth (@LupeFiasco) June 10, 2014
Fuck a battle i wanna have a live debate with @LupeFiasco about life in general , if he lets his guard down he might learn somethin new

— YOU WIN DIZ (@MRDIZASTER) June 10, 2014
I don’t know…”paradise” is not guaranteed for anyone in anyway of life. @MRDIZASTER

— Tetsuo & Youth (@LupeFiasco) June 10, 2014
“@LupeFiasco: And @lamkingLos is a better lyricist than you so is @AYEVERB …” Lol i killed him and id kill both u and los same time.

— YOU WIN DIZ (@MRDIZASTER) June 10, 2014
After Tweeting a series of lyrics presumably meant for Dizaster, Fiasco publicly passed on Dizaster’s offer to attend Total Slaughter with a comment of support for Smack White and URL. 

He SKIRT around the issues he SKIRT when Im around cuz his worst dont work when Im around at worst he a round from a pistol around a missile

— Tetsuo & Youth (@LupeFiasco) June 10, 2014
A pack of peppers around a pound of pickles, a pound around a soundless nickel around town soft as down and wouldnt put sound thru a whistle

— Tetsuo & Youth (@LupeFiasco) June 10, 2014
A clown that I would 2 love see wear a crown of sickles who comes out 2 the sound of crickets & buys his own tickets to his rounds to diss u

— Tetsuo & Youth (@LupeFiasco) June 10, 2014
You hear The distant sound of different styles of life you wish u, had but too bad u had the chance but now u cant even get an ass 2 kiss u?

— Tetsuo & Youth (@LupeFiasco) June 10, 2014
The issue is u fight on the wrong side of the tissue u supposed 2 b the shit not try & shit on THE shit & sit on the wrong side of da pistol

— Tetsuo & Youth (@LupeFiasco) June 10, 2014
“I thought you was Muslim lets debate on some topics”, all grimey and whiny like nah diz lets battle on who can go the bank & make a deposit

— Tetsuo & Youth (@LupeFiasco) June 10, 2014
Some of the homies is gay, maybe we can all get together and make u a closet, go 2 Home Depot this weekend you know really make it a project

— Tetsuo & Youth (@LupeFiasco) June 10, 2014
Shout to @TotalSlaughter but Pass…Only person I see is @SMACKWHITE “it’s wack there if you ain’t got SMACK there…” URL only…hahahaha

— Tetsuo & Youth (@LupeFiasco) June 11, 2014

Drake Vs. Lil Wayne” Tour

Drake Vs. Lil Wayne

Drake Vs. Lil Wayne” Tour

Drake and Lil Wayne have joined forces for Drake Vs. Lil Wayne, a co-headlining U.S. tour slated to kick off August 8 in New York. The run is slated to hit 31 cities across the States and it is slated to end September 27 in Texas. 

Tickets for the tour are set to go on sale Friday June 20 via Live Nation. Citi card members are set to have access to presale tickets starting Tuesday, June 17. 

Drake and Lil Wayne are frequent collaborators who appear together on Lil Wayne’s recent single, “Believe Me.” 

KZRBeatz and Npk Twice bring you 3 free beats

KZR beatz

KZR beatz

For listening & freestyling purposes you can download the tagged versions from the links below:

1. Ain`t going back: 

2. All i know:

3. Shadows:

If you want to use them then please obtain a license @ http://www.kzrbeatz.com

Tnank you & have a nice listening!

KZR Beatz

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Teargas: Biggest Hip-Hop Group In South Africa Since Skwata Kamp

teargas SA

teargas SA

Singers/Rappers The South African trio
Teargas includes Ntokozo “K.O.” Mdlui and
brothers Ezee “Ma-E” Hanabe and Bantu
“Ntukza” Hanabe. As proud South Africans,
the group assumed its name to transform
the tear gas thrown at apartheid-era
protesters into a unifying musical tool. They
hit the scene riding positive vibes off their
2006 debut K’Shubile K’Bovu. Their 2009
album Dark and Blue promotes messages of
partying and perseverance, including the
song “Hold On,” which urges young people
to learn their HIV/AIDS status. Their video
“Mhlobo Wami,” which was released in
2010, tells stories of love, trust and betrayal
in the proud language of their countrymen.


It’s a long journey to the West Rand, so we agree
on a location – Clearwater Mall. Joburg’s rife with
malls. I get lost. Finally, Clearwater looms off
Hendrik Potgieter Drive like a concrete pimple of
Café Rousse, the pinnacle of faux-francophonia, is
where the all girl crew 8One.Oh Meninas await
my arrival. Walking towards them, I imagine the
murmured skinner from the café’s tannie patrons.
With five schoolgirls sitting around with an older
gentleman, Mario, one could easily get the wrong
idea. One of the girls offers some consolation for
my lateness, as I hurriedly pull up a chair. “Really,
don’t stress!” She beams. “We’re missing school
for this.” Always happy to aid in the bunking of
class, I order a coffee.
“We’ve only been a crew for four months,”
Venesh captain of the Meninas explains with a
small hint of pride. The West Rand all-girl hip-hop
crew came together through Mario’s dance
studio. “We had auditions at the Mario Gomez
Dance Academy, and out of the 52 girls who
auditioned, we were the eight who made it,” adds
Savannah. Three of the girls couldn’t skip school
as the remaining five sit, thrilled at all that’s
happened in the short space of their existence as
a dance crew. So what’s with the name?
“The crew started in October 2010, hence the
name. Since then every year I’ve chosen different
girls to represent that name.” Explains Mario.
“ Meninas is Portuguese for ‘girls’, was added
this year – they’re the first 8One.Oh Meninas.” He
Hip hop is apparently ‘the big thing’ in the
dance community on the West Rand , a style
mostly dominated by males. “We have to raise
the bar to get our name out there as an all girl
hip hop crew. Hip hop already tends to be quite
misogynistic. Added to that is our age. It’s
tough.” Venesh notes as the girls nod their heads
in agreement.
With the stakes high and a lot to prove, Venesh
and the Meninas hope to challenge existing
stereotypes surrounding females in hip hop.
“When you watch any hip hop videos you’ve got
girls dancing in hot pants – it’s demeaning.
People are expecting us to be ‘pretty’ – we want
to represent hardcore, try to do something
the audience wouldn’t expect.” She says.
Along with challenging the gender politics of their
dance style, how do the Meninas feel about the
criticism weighed against hip hop dancers with
respect to foreign influences? “When it comes to
quality dance styles and techniques, they’re all
introduced overseas so unfortunately we have to
look there to learn.” Says Venesh. “Even though
we’re dancing in a hip hop style, we’re aware of
South African sensitivities in our choreography.
We have massive respect for styles like
sbujwa and pantsula. ” She adds.
“It’s difficult. There are almost no female South
African hip hop singers or rappers – it’s hard to
represent a scene, when there’s no scene to start
with.” fellow Menina, Tanza points out. Venesh
and the crew hope to motivate other girls take up
the mantle and help contribute to the building of
their scene.
“We want to set the bar high for girls in South
Africa. What’s good about this opportunity is that
girls will be taken more seriously as dance
talent, promoting women for their dancing skill
and talent and not just as sex symbols.”
The Meninas need to get back to school – a
necessary speed bump in their path to pursuing
their passion for dance. “I couldn’t believe we’d
beaten over 170 crews to get to the finals –
that’s huge,” Venesh exclaims. “We would love to
keep doing this and with competitions like Red
Bull Beat Battle it’s becoming more of a


Npk Twice: You bring a whole new sound to rap can you explain to people who haven’t heard you what is your style?

Slo: My style is mixed with African and American sound basically what I am doing is that I ama trying to unite the best of both worlds and basically is relevant to me because at the end of the day you have to do something that will describe who you are!

Npk Twice: How much work have you done so far?

Slo: Hmm I’m currently working on my Mixtape/Album with a Producer called Mars and you will hearing a lot from him this year and if you really want to judge my work you can just order the tape and you will see how time I put on the studio.

Npk Twice: How can you compare the rap game in eastern cape to that of gauteng?

Slo: hahaha there’s a huge difference because a lot of people believe that if you want to make it you must go to Gauteng,basically I would say that a lot of the growing MC’s in the Eastern Cape are inspired by cats like Npk twice from Gauteng and Amu who is also from Gauteng so I would say that what Eastern Cape is trying to do now is that we are trying to bring Gauteng in the Eastern Cape so we can all be equal because we can’t even debate It Gauteng is dominating the rap game nowadays.

Slo: Anything we can look out for from slogan?

Npk Twice: Wow you can expect a lot man like I said before I’m working with Mars on the upcoming Mixtape/Album,and basically what I’m trying to do is to push the producers out there so that they can give us good beats man because the industry is grow and we are really trying to develop it well,iv started my company Lay Low Music with my partners PBT and Zookc so we are trying to give every kid out there with a dream that opportunity to shine and see his/her dream coming through so yeah man E.C IN THE BUILDING for more about me you can check me on twitter @PRINCE_SLOGAN and on facebook its Lay Low Music

Npk Twice: Tell us more about where your from an your personal life?

Slo: Wow man growing up was pretty much interesting firstly born 95-11-13 Bulumko Mapukata was raised by his Grandmother and GrandFather together with his sisters and siblings at that time his mother and father weren’t around,I grew up in the Eastern Cape in a small town called Butterworth eMsobomvu

Npk Twice: Any last words?

Slo: Watchout for my new Album called CrunchTime worked with Sbora|Mars|PBT|Dismal Effect |Real Andy |Zookc|Ante The Chronic |Crizzle|Lil Jaguar and Sam thank you to everyone who keeps me going man I would call out names but its a long list,and to the kids out there just remember that fame aint the aim success is on your door you just have to grind for the key so you could open oh and #Abagcwal’Gqit

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Interview with West Rand Rapper and H.C.R boss Killah baba

Npk Twice: what Do you think is the differance between the west compared to other sections of the game in SA?

Owen: well honestly the west is still far behind regarding the music game this is caused by nikkaz beefing and not willing to work with one another .the west has mad skills but can not use emm proper.

Npk Twice: How can you describe your style and who can people compare you to?

Owen: My style is simply HCR hardcore and soft depending on the beat and people can not compare me cause I’m original I’m just killah

Npk Twice: What don’t people know about killah?

Owen: That killah killah always writes about the truth no lie.

Npk Twice: Where do you sea you and HCR in the next 5 years?

Owen: Well I see our self at the top of the food chain me and my west nikkaz

Npk Twice: Tell us about your rap battle experiences.

Owen: i started doin underground rap and got my ass whooped a few times but I learnt from dat so my experiences hav helped me improve
My skills

Npk Twice: When and How did you start rapping?

Owen: i started 2003 with my fathers tape recorder and a small piano

Npk Twice:New colab with npk twice what can you tell us about that?

Owen: well it didn’t go so well cause I was not fully prepared but we still gonna work on a lot of projects together so I don’t stress about it.

Npk Twice: Can you tell us more about HCR?

Owen: I respect all these nikkas they my family man and we been togethr since forever so its obvious I hold them in my heart.

Npk Twice: Anything about the beef with west grand?

Owen: nah let’s not entertain those pussy ass niggaz we all know who runs the west

Npk Twice: What should we lookout for in the meantime?

Owen: our documentary ‘We are’
And our mixtape ‘Just mix tape 6″ JMT6 ohh and also the south african hip hop awards on november
Catch hcr music via Q PLAY and catch killah on facebook and watch this space, can’t wait for the documentary.

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lil kim drama

The Queen Bee put her stinger in motion this week as she filed a big money lawsuit against her former lawyers and went on defense towards social media outlets she claims have been posting distorted pics of her image.

This week, Lil’ Kim filed a lawsuit against her former attorney Sunny Barkats and his partner, Andrew Ro, claiming the pair swindled her out of “valuable trademark and branding rights” related to liquor, makeup, and fashion endorsements.

The $1 Million lawsuit claims Sunny and Andrew tricked her into transactions that gave them a 44% stake in a corporation formed to license her brand names.  For his part, Sunny claims the lawsuit is a “frivolous” attempt for her to break their contract. We’re impressed that the Lil’ Kim brand is still valued in the millions (according to her lawsuit).  

Sting ‘em Queen! And Sunny and Andrew weren’t the only folks who were on the receiving end of a sting this week..  Lil’ Kim and her camp are blasting the media for “distorting” pics of her face. She claims that the photo above, and others we showed you as she left MTV’s studios this past week, don’t reflect how she really looks.

And her rep, CJ Carter released a statement saying,  “We would like to inform fans, the media, and the general public that this is nothing more than the blog site doing its best to conjure up much needed publicity and what better way to do so, than to take an American music icon and create a fictitious platform in which to disrespect and humiliate. We at Team Lil Kim are not taking this lying down and are taking this matter very seriously.” We understand that Lil’ Kim isn’t comfortable with the way she looks, but, she should know there is not a national conspiracy to distort her image. For that…we’d blame her surgeon….or doctor. 

Those pics, as with all candids we post, are real, actual untouched raw images taken by paparazzi. The images are purchased from photo agencies by television stations, publications and websites, including us. 

The particular agency for the pics in question is Splash Picture Agency, and the raw pics can be seen in their database as well as on many credible websites.   The pics were not photoshopped. 

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Smangori dance crew
skhotane v/s vintage wear and music/dance concert
date:23march 13
vanue:kagiso hall(next to old policestation)
time:12h til 22h
Thinthi(084 0843418whtsp)
Catch them on facebook


Hip-hop heads brace yourself for the rawness of underground’s prodicle son saint moe .former IFT member and most famous for his text battle scrips via social cites I bring you hot track links from him,free downloads yall. Suport local stuff.
Experiment(moe & Novality)
catch up(HeavyRain)
we can have it all(moe).

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Lady Gaga vs s.a rap crew

A new pop feud has erupted between Lady Gaga and South African rap act Die Antwoord after the trio killed off a double of the pop superstar in its latest video.

Bing: Gaga launching bottled water brand

A man dressed in Lady Gaga’s infamous meat dress is ridiculed, massacred by African rebels and mauled to death by a lion in the video for “Fatty Boom Boom” — and Gaga is far from amused. In a post on her Twitter page on Wednesday, Gaga took aim at the provocative South Africans, writing, “i fink u freaky but you don’t have a hit. hundred thousand tickets sold in SA. #thatsmys—… i guess its not a good idea to tell someone you’re a fan. never mind! we get it, you’re not a little monster.”

Die Antwoord quickly responded with the tweet, “lady… even tho (though) u r ‘larger’ than us… we still cooler than u… plus we don’t have prawns in our private(s)…” The final comment was a reference to another scene in the video.

Music News

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Kurt Williams Meltdown

According to mercurynews.com Katt Williams most recent performance was far less than memorable. Angry fans demanded refunds after comedian Katt Williams’ show Friday night at Oracle Arena disintegrated into chaos, with Williams delivering rambling monologues devoid of jokes and being dragged off by his own security after he challenged a heckler to fight.

Williams was already facing legal trouble over his stop in Oakland, with police arresting him in connection with a Wednesday night brawl aboard a tour van and the man he allegedly assaulted promptly suing for damages.

After Friday night’s show, angry comments from fans poured in on Facebook and Twitter, with some complaining that Williams’ show had ended after 10 minutes. Many said they expected a refund; ticket prices ranged from $33 to $94, plus service fees.

“It was the weirdest thing I’ve ever seen in my life,” said Erick Lucero, who was working on the arena floor as a security guard. “The whole show went really well (before Williams’ main set). … It was a packed house, and everyone was really satisfied with the show” up to that point.

The show, which was scheduled to begin at 8 p.m., started about an hour late, according to Christopher Douglas, 22, who came to Oakland from American Canyon. Williams came on stage briefly to start the show, tossed a Frisbee to the audience and told a few jokes about the election before introducing the opening acts.

“He was joking like he does in all four DVDs of his that I own,” said Douglas, a magnetic inspector at Pacific

Steel in Berkeley who was seeing Williams live for the first time. “I thought it was going to be a normal Katt Williams show.”

After the opening performances by fellow comedians and a couple of songs by Oakland rapper Too $hort, Williams took the stage about 10:40 p.m., Douglas said.

The comedian joked about selling out the arena, something he said the Golden State Warriors couldn’t do. An audience member asked about the Wednesday night brawl, and Williams said he had been released because even Oakland police were fans.

About seven or eight minutes after Williams took the stage for his set, Lucero said, he “started acting weird,” taking off his shirt and sweating profusely. Douglas said he quickly transitioned into his familiar closing bit, rattling off his various nicknames before leaving the stage.

“I was like, ‘That’s it?’” Douglas said. “After that, I saw everyone leaving … throngs of people leaving.”

Douglas and his father, who came to the show with him, left as well.

About 15 minutes passed, and between a quarter and half of the audience left, before Williams returned. Once he came back on stage the second time, Lucero said, “there were no more jokes.”

One video shows Williams sitting on a stool, hunched over, delivering a disjointed monologue about spending time in Oakland and discussing God.

In another video, a member of Williams’ entourage walks on stage and speaks to the comedian for a moment. As the man leaves the stage, Williams follows him and appears to strike the back of his head with the microphone.

A profanity-laced video posted to YouTube shows Williams challenging a heckler to come onstage and fight him and telling the person to come backstage after the show. A burly security guard hauls Williams away from the stage’s edge and to the backstage area.

Lucero said many people leaving the arena accosted him, saying they wanted a refund. Security personnel are instructed to have unhappy ticketholders contact the outlet where they bought their tickets.

Douglas said he “absolutely” felt he deserved a refund. Representatives from promoter Live Nation could not be reached for comment Saturday.

A spokeswoman for the Save Mart Center in Fresno confirmed Saturday afternoon that Williams’ show, scheduled for Saturday night, would continue as planned.

The incident Wednesday night resulted in Williams’ arrest, according to Oakland police spokeswoman Johnna Watson, but the comedian, whose real name is Micah S. Katt Williams, was not booked into jail and has not been charged.

An 18-year-old aspiring rapper, Delvahn Mosely-Davis, sued Williams on Friday, saying the chance encounter near Oakland’s Courtyard Marriott Hotel began with fans greeting the comedy star and ended with Williams bashing him in the head with a bottle.

Williams’ Nov. 1 show in Denver ended with the comedian jumping into the crowd to confront hecklers about a half-hour after he took the stage.

Williams is also facing a $5 million lawsuit filed earlier this month by his personal assistant, who alleges he hit her in October in Los Angeles and caused permanent eye injuries.

In June 2011, Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department deputies arrested him on charges of false imprisonment for an incident involving a man on a tractor in Palmdale, according to published reports. Between November 2006 and June 2011, Williams was arrested at least two other times on weapons charges and burglary, and he spent time in jail in those cases, according to published reports.

(Mercury News)

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exposing illuminati

illuminati creator

illuminati creator

This article is about the secret society. For the film, see Illuminata (film). For the Muslim esoteric school, see Illuminationism. For other uses, see Illuminati (disambiguation).

This article includes a list of references, but its sources remain unclear because it has insufficient inline citations. Please help to improve this article by introducing more precise citations. (April 2012)

Adam Weishaupt, founder of the Bavarian Illuminati.
The Illuminati (plural of Latin illuminatus, “enlightened”) is a name given to several groups, both real (historical) and fictitious. Historically the name refers to the Bavarian Illuminati, an Enlightenment-era secret society founded on May 1, 1776. In more modern contexts the name refers to a purported conspiratorial organization which is alleged to mastermind events and control world affairs through governments and corporations to establish a New World Order. In this context the Illuminati are usually represented as a modern version or continuation of the Bavarian Illuminati.
The movement was founded on May 1, 1776, in Ingolstadt (Upper Bavaria) as the Order of the Illuminati, with an initial membership of five,[1] by Jesuit-taught Adam Weishaupt (d. 1830),[2] who was the first lay professor of canon law at the University of Ingolstadt.[3] It was made up of freethinkers as an offshoot of the Enlightenment and seems to have been modeled on the Freemasons.[4] The Illuminati’s members took a vow of secrecy and pledged obedience to their superiors. Members were divided into three main classes, each with several degrees, and many Illuminati chapters drew membership from existing Masonic lodges.

Originally Weishaupt had planned the order to be named the “Perfectibilists”.[1] The group has also been called the Bavarian Illuminati and its ideology has been called “Illuminism”. Many influential intellectuals and progressive politicians counted themselves as members, including Ferdinand of Brunswick and the diplomat Xavier von Zwack, the second-in-command of the order.[5] The order had branches in most European countries: it reportedly had around 2,000 members over the span of ten years.[3] It attracted literary men such as Johann Wolfgang von Goethe and Johann Gottfried Herder and the reigning dukes of Gotha and Weimar.

In 1777 Karl Theodor became ruler of Bavaria. He was a proponent of Enlightened Despotism and his government banned all secret societies including the Illuminati. Internal rupture and panic over succession preceded its downfall, which was affected by the Secular Edict made by the Bavarian government.[3] The March 2, 1785 edict “seems to have been deathblow to the Illuminati in Bavaria.” Weishaupt had fled and documents and internal correspondences, seized in 1786 and 1787, were subsequently published by the government in 1787.[6] Von Zwack’s home was searched to disclose much of the group’s literature.[5]
Between 1797 and 1798 Augustin Barruel’s Memoirs Illustrating the History of Jacobinism and John Robison’s Proofs of a Conspiracy both publicized the theory that the Illuminati had survived and represented an ongoing international conspiracy, including the claim that it was behind the French Revolution. Both books proved to be very popular, spurring reprints and paraphrases by others[7] (a prime example is Proofs of the Real Existence, and Dangerous Tendency, Of Illuminism by Reverend Seth Payson, published in 1802).[8] Some response was critical, such as Jean-Joseph Mounier’s On the Influence Attributed to Philosophers, Free-Masons, and to the Illuminati on the Revolution of France.[citation needed]

Robison and Barruel’s works made their way to the United States. Across New England, Reverend Jedidiah Morse and others sermonized against the Illuminati, their sermons were printed, and the matter followed in newspapers. The concern died down in the first decade of the 1800s, though had some revival during the Anti-Masonic movement of the 1820s and 30s.[1]
In addition to the supposed shadowy and secret organization several modern fraternal groups claim to be the “heirs” of the Bavarian Illuminati and have openly used the name “Illuminati” in founding their own rites. Some, such as the multiple groups that call themselves by some variation on “The Illuminati Order”,[9][10] use the name directly in the name of their organization, while others, such as the Ordo Templi Orientis, use the name as a grade of initiation within their organization.
See also The Family.
Writers such as Mark Dice,[11]David Icke, Texe Marrs, Jüri Lina and Morgan Gricar have argued that the Bavarian Illuminati survived, possibly to this day. Many of these theories propose that world events are being controlled and manipulated by a secret society calling itself the Illuminati.[12][13]Conspiracy theorists have claimed that many notable people were or are members of the Illuminati. Presidents of the United States are a common target for such claims.[14][15]

A key figure in the conspiracy theory movement, Myron Fagan, devoted his latter years to finding evidence that a variety of historical events from Waterloo, The French Revolution, President John F. Kennedy’s assassination and an alleged communist plot to hasten the New World Order by infiltrating the Hollywood film industry, were all orchestrated by the Illuminati.[16][17]

The Illuminati (or fictitious modern groups called the Illuminati) play a central role in the plots of novels, such as The Illuminatus! Trilogy by Robert Shea and Robert Anton Wilson; in Foucault’s Pendulum by Umberto Eco; and Angels and Demons by Dan Brown. A mixture of historical fact, established conspiracy theory, or pure fiction, is used to portray them.

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